About us

Serengeti is a software development outsourcing company based in Zagreb, Croatia. The company was founded by Goran Kalanj in 2007 and has been continuously growing in terms of revenue, number of employees, and in level of expertise. Because of our, distinctive model of providing outsourcing services, Serengeti has become a highly valued partner for companies with no experience in outsourcing, previous bad experiences in outsourcing, or clients with critical time to market, resource or quality risks.

Our way of working is to always promise what we can deliver and then to deliver more than we promise. Our top priority is to provide professional services that exceed the expectations of what our clients imagine could be possible with outsourced engineering.

Teamwork is one of our core capabilities both between Serengeti engineers and between our engineers and your engineers. We select and foster those unique individuals with strong talent, great attitude and energy, and ensure that they will always work well within a team.


Today, the turbulent market is developing at a high speed and our goal is to tailor our customized services to help companies become and stay more flexible, focused and competitive to be able to achieve its business goals and strategic targets. By using our services for any project size, our clients gain flexibility, knowledge transfer, reduce development costs and shorten the time to market. We look always for win-win-win, long-term business relationships for our clients, our employees and Serengeti.

Goran Kalanj, Managing Director


Serengeti builds young, skilled and team talent and ensures that this is further enhanced within our work environment.  Specifically, we strive to ensure that we have no weak players and no ‘’rock stars’’ with inflated egos.

We pay great effort not only to hire most talented engineers but also to improve their skills and to keep them long term. As a result, churn rate which is already relatively low in Zagreb is effectively a non-issue at Serengeti. Zagreb is also fortunate to have technical universities and industry that produce world class engineers; however, because we are the fastest growing IT Company in Croatia and only IT Company in Croatia with a truly international orientation we have a distinct advantage when competing for these exceptional engineers. While formal education is only one measure of ability, more than 90% of our engineers have master degree or higher.

Why Serengeti?

EXPERIENCE: At Serengeti we know that successful software development outsourcing is more than great CVs and price.  We think highly skilled individuals are just the starting point. We then must ensure that they develop with balanced personalities and then encourage their impulse to grow technically and develop industry knowledge.  Our clients respect our ability to collaborate with organized and efficient teams that are managed by experienced team leads and project managers.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe businesses are built on trust. Our mission is to deliver premium-quality development services yet avoid the primadonna attitudes and price. We aim to get the job done right, first time, every time, and we’re always on call.

Why is Outsourcing sometimes unsuccessful?

For many people, software development outsourcing means little more than one company providing engineers to another.  For them, engineers are a commodity to be judged based on CV and price per head.  This is what most customers ask for and as a result this is what most outsourcing companies are optimized around. 

Ironically, most of these same people will recognize that their own success is dependent on far more than the sum of their internal engineering team’s CVs and recognize that within their teams, great software has as much to do with things like leadership, management, and chemistry as it has to do with measurable skills.  Yet, somehow they forget that this applies to all engineers, all teams, everywhere in the world.  It not only applies, it is sometime even more important yet at the same time it requires somewhat different solutions than you use for your own teams.

At Serengeti, we have built a company around this concept.  We also know things like:

  • Transition from on-site to offsite is the highest risk part of any customer engagement and if company doesn’t understand the problem well enough it won’t be able to manage the process.
  • Fixed price projects and/or micromanaged / on-site teams are not countermeasures to reduce risk of an outsourcing failure—in most cases they are cause amplifiers.  Risk mitigation starts with understanding the risks and working with all customer side and supplier side stakeholders.
  • Outsourcing transition can be optimized for speed of ramp, minimal distraction to existing team, or cost effectiveness.  Each is very different in approach and setup.  Most companies have never asked themselves this question let alone told their supplier.

Our measure of success is our ability to tactically assist in each individual delivery and to strategically build a flexible, scalable, agile extension of your own engineers so that we can add capacity or special skills as and when needed to react to your shifts in business demand.  This is a longwinded way of saying, “success for us is when we make your engineering better able to support your business”.